Where to Start for Medicare

At MVP, we understand that there’s nothing more important than your health. If you’re approaching or about to turn 65, it’s important to understand your health care options so that you feel confident in finding the right solution for your needs.  

Start off by learning about the different parts of Medicare [link to Medicare ABCs, page ID]. Next, explore our Medicare timeline [link to Medicare Timeline, page ID] to know what to do and when as you approach 65 and beyond. You can also get tips for your specific situation [link to Tips for Your Situation, page ID]. 

If you’re planning on working beyond 65, find out what you’ll need to consider [link to Retiring Past 65, page ID]. 


Medicare Videos

Our Medicare Video Series [link to Medicare Video Series, page ID] will give you in-depth answers to your Medicare questions. Start by watching the “What is Medicare?” video below. 

Speak with an MVP Medicare Advisor 

To speak with an MVP Medicare Advisor, call 1-800-324-3899 (TTY 711). Advisors are available October 1-March 31, seven days a week, 8 am–8 pm Eastern Time. April 1-September 30, Monday-Friday, 8 am-8 pm. 

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