Learn What to Expect After You Become a Member 

At MVP, we’re here for you throughout your Medicare journey. Once you find your plan [link to Medicare Plans, page ID] and enroll, you’ll receive the following items by mail: 

  • Your confirmation letter. We’ll let you know we have your application and that Medicare has approved your
           enrollment in your plan. You’ll receive this about 10 days after you enroll. 
  • Your MVP Member ID card. Always show your member ID card when you visit your doctor or pharmacy.
           Keep your Medicare card at home for your records. 
  • A dental plan ID card if your plan includes dental coverage [link to Dental Coverage, page ID].
           This is separate from your member ID card. 
  • A new Medicare member guide. This includes your Evidence of Coverage (your contract with us) and other
           important items to read and keep. 
  • A verification letter if you’re leaving an employer group plan. Medicare requires this to verify that you’re familiar
           with your new health plan’s terms. 

Until you receive your member ID card, you can use your confirmation letter at doctor’s appointments. 


Prior Authorization 

Prior authorization is a process in which we review a proposed treatment to make sure you’re receiving the care you need at a reasonable cost. Some treatments and services require prior authorization from us. This applies whether you receive them from providers within our network [link to Find Care, page ID] or outside it. 

Some types of care and services that need prior authorization include: 

  • Admissions to transitional care units, acute rehabilitation, and skilled nursing facilities 
  • Diagnostic services, such as CT scans and MRIs 
  • Durable medical equipment 
  • Home care services 
  • Implants and internal prosthetics 
  • Select prescription drugs 

Your doctor will usually request prior authorization whenever we need it. If you need or want a medical service that isn’t available from a provider in our network, you may refer yourself to a provider outside the network. Remember: It may cost you more to receive care from a provider who is outside our network. 


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