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Life is Full of Adventures

Life is full of adventures. And whether your next adventure takes you up a mountain or just up that extra set of stairs, take Gia along.  

Get to Know Gia

The Gia by MVP mobile app is a guide to your health and your health plan. See all the ways it can help you handle what’s next.  

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Big Cost Savings

Gia is $0 for most MVP members* and delivers big savings for MVP members with qualified high-deductible plans**. 

Here’s how much you members with a qualified high deductible plan could save with Gia: 


  Average Cost    Gia Cost 
In-person primary care visit    $160   $55 
Urgent Care visit   $118   As low as $55 
Emergency room visit   $1,070   $83 
A Guide to Your Health
Available 24/7, Gia connects you to immediate or same-day virtual care, support to get healthier, and answers to medical questions. 
  • NEW: Text a doctor 24/7 for virtual primary and specialty care
    • Don’t have time to get to the doctor? Don’t want to wait weeks for an appointment? Doctors are available 24/7 in the app – no appointment needed 
    • Same-day support and treatment for preventive care, medical questions, and conditions like diabetes, asthma, and anxiety 
  • Connect to urgent and emergency care in minutes. It’s the fastest way to find out if you need to go to an Emergency Room or Urgent Care (most often, Gia doctors can treat your health concern virtually) 
  • Request a new medication or a refill, and get help with lab tests, screenings, and more! 
A Guide to Your Health Plan
Gia is more than a guide to your health: it’s a guide to your health plan, too. So you can get what you need and get right back to life. 

With Gia, you can: 

  • View and share your MVP ID cards with doctors and family members 
  • Find medical, dental, and pharmacy claims for members of your plan 
  • Get a quick look at claims for any member of your plan for the last 3 years 
  • Search for an in-person doctor or facility in your area that works with your plan 
  • See progress toward deductibles and limits for any member of your plan 
  • Get an overview of your coverage, including medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy plans 

Plus, a new sign-in experience lets you access your plan your way. Use the same email address and password you use for your MVP online account, try social sign-in through Google, Facebook, or Apple. 

Get The App

If you are already an MVP member, get the app today.  Not an MVP member? Join us! Shop for a plan today!